Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Rebel

I timed myself yesterday. It is funny how the chores I tend to put off really don't take that much time to actually do. Nor is it worth the guilt I feel every time I think of those things! I resolve to take care of such things immediately from now on.

I want to create a daily routine that is flexible enough to allow for a spur of the moment activity, but yet will help me maintain my personal level of cleanliness. My problem is that I tend to rebel against any sort of routine, no matter how beneficial it may be.

I need to find balance.

Today I will sit with pen in hand and will try to come up with a reasonable plan to help me conquer the cluttery chaos that threatens my sanity.


Donna said...

Let me know when you find it...I'm feeling very unorganised lately!!!

jules said...

Have you tried She's into routines, but she has alot to take from it all, even if you don't do it all.

Found you from "Down to earth Rhonda". Where in Alabama are you? I'm in Mobile