Saturday, January 12, 2008

Grocery Savings

I spent a bundle this week, but I did a lot of stocking up. Store brand veggies were 20 cans for $10. Kraft cheeses were 3 for $6.00. Store brand apple juice and orange juice were both 3 for $5. And that's just a start...

I also had fresh veggies and fruits - not something I usually buy but we're trying to eat healthier and expand our food preferences.

I also stocked up on meats - hamburger, pork chops, steak ( a rare treat). And then, pet foods were on sale - Purina Cat Chow (2 for $7) and a 17 pound bag of Alpo Gravy for $6.99.

Beginning total: $217.86

Reward card savings: $51.71

Coupons: $2.25

Total out of pocket expense: $159.97

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