Thursday, January 17, 2008

Celebrating Enough

I was reading an email from Cindy's Porch yesterday about rediscovering your money. The phrase "celebrate enough" caught my eye. We are not encouraged to celebrate enough, but rather to shop until we drop - whether we can afford to or not.

In Simple Abundance, Sarah Ban Breathnach writes:
"If we are to live happy, creative, and fulfilled lives, it is crucial to distinguish between our wants and our needs. Unfortunately, many women blur the distinction and then wonder why they feel so diminished. Make peace with the knowledge that you can't have everything you want. Why? Because it's more important for us to get everything we need. Like infants, we feel contentment when our essential needs are met."

I choose to celebrate enough every day by making the most of what I do have, using my creativity and good old-fashioned elbow grease to add beauty to our home. I am using my nicer items for every day use instead of saving them only for special occasions.

I am baking and cooking more from scratch using basic ingredients and growing more confident in my abilities. I am making my own household cleaners which are environmentally friendly.

I am saying no to more debt as I focus on becoming debt-free. I am choosing to save money for emergencies rather than spend it all. I am choosing to DO instead of buy.

I am celebrating the abundance of enough.


Donna said...

What a wonderful and peaceful way to live, isn't it!! Have a wonderful day sweetie!!

Angela said...

Good for you!! :-). I think it's great you are making your own cleaning products. Vinegar & baking soda goes along way doesn't it?
I am guilty of sometimes buying things at that moment of weakness. Thank goodness though it hasn't caused us debt. Just something I should have thought more about instead:-).
Have a wonderful day!!