Friday, January 04, 2008

Bike Night

Alfred and I went out to eat at a new-to-us restaurant and met up with a bunch of other couples who ride Harleys. They meet each Thursday for Bike Night. We had a great time. The food was awesome and Alfred even won a Harley t-shirt in this week's drawings for door prizes.

The group is planning a ride on Sunday, but I'm not sure if I will go yet. See, I have never rode on a motorcycle and I don't want to look silly in front of the more experienced riders. I'd rather get comfortable riding before I join in on a group ride.

We've decided Thursday will be our date night so we can go to the Bike Night get togethers. Now that the kids are older, we feel better about going out for a couple of hours alone. We have been married 15 and a half years and have never had a regular date night, so it is something I am looking forward to.


Lady Laurie said...

Hi Tracy!
I have only ridden on a motorcycle a few times in my life, and I have to admit I am a scardy cat. I bet you will have a lot of fun!
Date night is a great thing ~ we never went anywhere when our kids were little (could never afford a sitter) and now that they are older its nice to go out to dinner or even have a weekend away together now and then. My Mom always said your husband should come first, because some day the children will be gone and then its only the two of you, so its good to really nurture that relationship. Mothers are so wise!

bella said...

I love my weekly date nights.
How much fun that you guys are beginning this together.
Enjoy the bike rides to come.

Donna said...

Hubby and I use to have Honda's. Mine was automatic. Loved it but I needed lots more practice. I turned her over on a gravel road and that was it for me! I do miss it though. Go practice!!! And have fun!

Ann said...

Sounds like you had a nice date night. I've never ridden on a motorcycle. Something I guess I'll have to do someday. I didn't realize till tonight that we have the same New Year quote on our blogs. Great minds think alike! LOL

Wawanna said...

Tracy, you have a beautiful blog! The colors are lovely. Your New Year's goals are so very sweet, so exquisite. Thank you for sharing them. Be very careful on that Bike...advise from a nurse who has seen a lot.

joan said...

Hi Tracy,

Date nites are the best. Enjoy your time with your hubby on a motorcycle or out to eat. Have fun!

Patsy said...

Great work.