Thursday, December 13, 2007

Warm Weather and Vacation

The weather is still warm here (for now) and I've been making good use of it before it turns cold once again. I hung my mini-Christmas flag and washed and detailed my car yesterday. I have errands to run today - so the weather will be nice for that. I hate to go out when it's rainy or cold.

After Friday, Alfred will be on vacation. Depending on whether his shop will be open half a day on Christmas Eve or not, he may not have to go back to work until December 26th! I am hoping to get a few minor home repairs done during that time, but I am also planning for a lot of fun and family togetherness. So if I'm not around much, you know why! *smile*


Ann said...

I'm glad your enjoying your nice weather. We have had rain here all week. Dreary days! But my decorating is pretty much done and we are starting to wrap packages and get ready for Santa. Have a wonderful time with Alfred and your family. Merry Christmas!

Tory said...

Your whole scene sounds just lovely. I live in Vermont and the snow is covering my house and barns, the deer are tip toeing by, and my tree is getting decorated by my, home from college son and daughter! It is warm bath season here on Lichen Rock Farm. Sometimes I take 2-3 a day just to get truely warmed! I import sea salts from around the world to float in. I also design an aromatherapy line of Dead sea salts. If you are thinking of gifts for yourself or other seaside starved friends- let me know
Until then, Merry Merry Christmas to you all, Tory