Sunday, December 02, 2007

Kayla's Birthday

Kayla had decide on cupcakes this year instead of a traditional birthday cake, so I picked up these cute Santa, Reindeer, and Gingerbread candies to decorate the tops. I am a horrible cake/cupcake decorator!

Kayla blowing out 11 candles.

A happy face over the Conair Quick Gems. She loves adding the sparkly jewels to her and Kenzie's hair.

Purple glitter nail polish, 2 mini-perfumes, lipstick, clear mascara, eye shadow, deoderant, a small makeup bag, and $70 in cash rounded out the birthday gifts.

She used $50 to buy a Barbie Girl MP3 player and is planning on a mini shopping spree with the remainder soon!


Sacred Suzie said...

What a cutie! A little girl turning into a little lady with all her pretty stuff. And I love those cupcakes! Such a smart idea to add candies to them to finish them off.

Ann said...

I agree. She is a cutie! Glad she had a fun birthday!

Wawanna said...

She is precious! Happy Birthday to Kayla! What a lovely daughter and she loves her Mom, & her Mom will always love her - even when she is much, much older. Some day she will give you beautiful grand-daughters & handsome grand-sons. Enjoy her completely & spoil her just a bit. She is an awesome gift.

joan said...

Happy Birthday Kayla! She is so cute. I love that age, they are not quite teens and still want to be with you. I like your new look of your blog and you have a picture now. It looks good!

Mrs. Staggs said...

Happy birthday to the birthday girl!
She has such a beautiful smile. I wish her all the best.
Thank you Tracy, for the nice welcome home. It's nice to see you in Merryville again.
Take care.