Saturday, November 10, 2007

Saturday Happenings

It's been a busy morning already and it doesn't look like it's going to slow down any time soon today. So far I've been to the laundromat to wash clothes and then Alfred and I washed and detailed my car.

I helped Kendall dye his hair blue. Yes, I said blue! It looks so cool! Alfred is not crazy about Kendall's choice of weird hair styles and colors - but if that's all we have to worry about, we are very lucky indeed. Besides, he is a good kid and I think it's great that he feels comfortable enough to express his individuality.

Now I am taking a short break to write to you all before we have to get ready for a birthday party. The weather has warmed up considerably. It's not summer hot, but it's pleasant if you have to be outdoors.

Later today I need to refill my bird feeder, put out squirrel feed, and put fresh water in the birdbath. I have become an avid bird-watcher. I really need to keep a journal of all the different birds I see. I keep my binoculars and Audubon field guide near the back door (we have a sliding glass door) at all times so I can identify species I've never seen before.

Well, my time is up. I better get busy so I can get everyone to the birthday party on time. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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Sacred Suzie said...

I would personally LOVE blue hair! I think that is very cool and agree, that is a great way to express individuality.

BTW, about your dream, I get the sense that the issue was really about feeling manipulated, that you knew the truth but were being manipulated into doubting yourself. I could be totally wrong though!

No nightmares last night BTW, what a relief!