Thursday, November 01, 2007


The calender says it's November 1st, but the high today will be 80 degrees. It's no wonder I have a cold with the way our weather flip flops between warm and cold!
Our house guest is still here (it's been 6 weeks already) and will be here for two more weeks. I've decided that I'll no longer be put off of my regular routines. After all, this is MY house. So I am back to my usual cleaning. I'll be taking the kitchen back this week as well, cooking my family's favorite foods and desserts.
I try to be nice as I don't like to hurt any one's feelings nor do I like confrontation. But as nice as I am, I do have my limits. Sometimes nice girls just have to put their foot down come hell or high water!
On a good note, Alfred has been trying to sell his Trans Am so he could buy a motorcycle. He hasn't had much luck with it even though the car is in great condition. People just want you to give things away these days it seems. Well, he found a bike in north Alabama and the owner is willing to trade the bike for the car!
I can see us now riding off into the sunset with the wind blowing through my hair... Alfred decided to buy a cruiser instead of those super fast bikes so I will ride with him. I have already found me a pink riding jacket and helmet to boot! If I have to wear protective gear, I'm going to look as feminine as possible. :)


Lady Laurie said...

Wow ~ having a house guest for 8 weeks?? I think I would have hit my limit weeks ago!!

I love it! A pink jacket and helmet ~ I hope you will take photos!

Flossy said...

8 weeks is a loooong time to stay with someone. You must be very patient to put up with that.

I love the sound of the pink jacket and helmet - go girl!

joan said...

8 weeks! Oh my goodness, that will test your patience.
And a pink anything is always a good idea.

miss*R said...

ooh what kind of motor bike? I love to go on the back of Joes bike now - LOVE it!