Thursday, November 08, 2007

Jack Frost

We woke up to see Jack Frost had visited during the night. The cars, ground, and the rooftop were sparkling with frost. I could see my breath as I stood outside to kiss Alfred good-bye before he left for work. And I was ever thankful to get back inside where it is warm and cozy!
I have the thermostat set for 70 degrees as our mobile home is not that well insulated. I will turn it off in a couple of hours and it will stay off until about an hour before we go to bed. I have printed out a copy of a D-I-Y home energy survey so we can reduce our energy usage, which will also save us money.
Kenzie is already beginning to feel better. Her fever was gone last night thanks to the antibiotics doing their work. She was back to her old self. Now Alfred is feeling ill. He had to get a flu shot (required in the Army NG) and is likely coming down with the flu. It happens every year!!
My Mama is going back to Iowa on November 20th. I think we are going to have an early Thanksgiving dinner with her and all of my siblings the weekend before she leaves.
Our house guest is seriously getting on my nerves. She is Alfred's biological mother and has not been a part of our lives except for the occasional phone call over the past 10 years. Alfred had never met her until right before he left for Iraq and now it seems like she expects us to be a close, loving family. I don't think it's ever going to happen. She's a virtual stranger to us.
We've built our own life together over the last 15+ years and I don't appreciate the intrusion. I also do not like the fact that she is being pushy (she doesn't do this around Alfred!), trying to take over my kitchen yet again, and generally butting in where she has no right to. My patience is wearing thin....real thin. Can I hold my tongue for 9 more days? I'm not so sure. So that's my vent for the day....


joan said...

First of I like the 1929 redbook picture. And I would not be as patient with your houseguest as you are. You must be a saint. I'll say a little prayer for you sanity.

Sacred Suzie said...

Oh no! I can sooooooooooo relate to this issue about guests. I'm so sorry someone unwanted is intruding on your sanctuary, that is so hard and with cold weather there, cabin fever is going to be crazy. I had to actually kick out a guest once, he had decided to permanently move in with us! I said, "You're leaving tomorrow." I almost had a breakdown doing that, but it was necessary. I hope you don't have to do that and she moves on.

Anonymous said...

I have been "lurking" around here for about a year, enjoying your blog. I think you are a lovely, sweet person, and I'm SURE you can hold it for a few more days! You'll be glad you did.

Nita in SC