Sunday, November 04, 2007

Home Matters

Yesterday I spent much of my time in the kitchen. I prepared a pan of lasagne for dinner, then I made homemade bread dough. While the dough was set to rise (I don't use a breadmaker), I baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies. It all turned out to be delicious!

Today I'll be tidying up around my home and taking care of Kenzie who's sick and running a fever. I'll putter around in the kitchen seeing what scrumptious meal I can come up with and do more goodie baking - for the cookies are nearly gone!

I lit a peppermint scented candle last night while we ate dinner. I love to watch the flickering flame. I tend to save my "good" items for special occasions, but I'm making an effort to use these things daily to get more enjoyment from them.

Last night I remembered to set my clocks back an hour before bed. Did you? The girls are not particularly happy about this because it will get dark around 5pm which limits their playtime outdoors! I am not fond of cold weather by any means, but I try to appreciate each season for what it offers.

Well I need to close for now and get started on my home duties. Mama will be over in just a bit to visit for a while. Hope you have a restful Sunday!

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Sacred Suzie said...

I just found your blog via Robyn's and absolutely adore your beautiful space here. It's nice to meet another baker too and someone who loves their hearth and home like I do. Blessed be!