Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Monday!

We had a restful Sunday just puttering around the house and yard. We raked leaves, filled the bird feeder, put fresh water in the birdbath, and insulated the pipes beneath our home. I also put up my Christmas tree with lights only and brought out a few small decorations to go atop my entertainment center. We won't decorate the tree until after Thanksgiving, but it is cozy to sit with only the twinkling lights on.

This week, I'll be focusing on getting the house clean for the holidays and I'll be getting back to my regular exercise. Other than walking, I have been unable to work out as I would've liked over the past couple of months. I refuse to exercise in front of people other than my family. I'm just so relieved to get back to my regular routines!


Lady Laurie said...

Happy Monday Tracy!
It sounds like you are sooooo relieved to have your house back to normal! I don't think I could have someone stay at my house for that long of a time.
I think a tree with just lights is lovely and very restful.

Sacred Suzie said...

You have your tree up already?! You are so ahead of the game. I've mostly done my shopping but it's got me all stressed. This time of year does that to me. I'm glad you can exercise again, I'm the same way, I just have to do it on my own.

Ann said...

I love the picture! Is that your house? If so lovely. If not it's a good idea! I'm glad you've got your house back too. And I agree on the exercise thing!!