Saturday, November 24, 2007

Grocery Savings

I did my weekly grocery shopping today instead of going on Thursday as I usually do. When I got into the store I realized I had forgotten my shopping list!! However, I did remember to bring along my coupons and calculator.

My subtotal was $107.60, minus Reward Card Savings of $23.20, minus Coupon Savings of $4.50 for a total of $79.90 in out-of-pocket expense. That is an approximate savings of 35%.....not too bad considering I forgot my list.

I could have use more coupons but the store brands of certain items were cheaper than buying name brand items even with a coupon. So I chose to go with the store brand. Much of the time the quality of store brands is perfectly fine. It pays to check to see if the store brand is cheaper. That is the lesson I learned today.


Sacred Suzie said...

I go with store brand all the time! When it comes to things like pop in particular, you are really paying for brand names. Way to go, that's a huge savings! For Christmas and birthday shopping I've signed up for certain store's online updates and as a result, I saved 30% on a present yesterday at Northern Reflections. I usually wait until I know for sure they have specials and gettings friends cards go a long way to saving money as well.

miss*R said...

it is always good when we save money on our weekly shopping.. it is like a challenge! we don't have coupons here.

Anonymous said...

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