Friday, November 16, 2007

Chit Chat

I splurged. I bought 12 votives from Yankee Candles - many in Christmas scents and they were on sale to boot! They smell heavenly and are my most favorite candles. I hadn't bought in nearly 3 years, so it is a real treat.

It is cold here this morning....31 degrees. Brrr! It makes me want to play my Christmas music. I do need to put up my Christmas tree so it will give the cats time to get used to it before we decorate it. It's our tradition to decorate the tree after Thanksgiving.

I organized my pantry yesterday. I can now see what all I have and what I need to stock up on (canned goods). I'm set on baking supplies for quite a while - the sales were just too good to pass up. When I go shopping, I have started buying extra. Say I need two cans of tomato sauce...I buy four instead. Walmart is where I'll stock up on my canned goods. I have found their prices to be lower in that department.

Not much else going on around here. I am going to Walmart today, doing laundry, and will find another area of the house to tackle. Whatever you do today, do it with joy and stay warm!


Sacred Suzie said...

You can feel the holiday season approaching can't you? That's interesting you give your cats time to get used to the tree, that makes so much sense before you put all those treasures on it!

I am a strong believer in getting more than just enough. Not a lot, just more than enough to get by. Good for you for getting so organized and taking care of your needs.

miss*R said...

I try not to geg caught up in christmas silliness until December 1 - you are lucky to have Thanksgiving to keep it that way.. I am actually looking for a CD of Australian christmas songs.. I know there is one all about christmas in the sun!
those candles sound wonderful. I love candles!

joan said...

I love the Yankee candles Christmas collection. I have the one called Christmas Cookie and the hwole house smells so yummy. I like the picture you have for this post. You always have such great photos. Have a great weekend!