Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Autumn Cleaning

Yesterday I began my Autumn cleaning. I dusted, vacuumed furniture and floors, decluttered my desk drawers, cleaned windows, the tv and computer screens in the living room. I also organized my big book shelf and started cleaning the cabinet fronts in the kitchen. Already there is a noticeable difference!

The Autumn cleaning will continue on. I'll be working in the kitchen today. I still need to do a thorough decluttering which I will get to in time, but for now I feel the need to make things pretty and sparkling.

Once Alfred's mother has moved into her own apartment (only 4 more days to go!) it will be easier for me to sort through things. It's just hard to get motivated when others are around, at least it is for me. Besides decluttering is best done as a solitary activity.

Now onto books...I finished The Far Side of the Loch by Melissa Wiley last night and started The Stillmeadow Road by Gladys Taber. It's the first book on my Fall & Winter reading list (see my sidebar for the list). I love her books for her animal observations, country living, humor, and the longing for simplicity it brings out in me.

For now I'm off to visit a few of my favorite blogs and then it's time to start cleaning! Hope you have a wonderful day!

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Sacred Suzie said...

Good for you for doing all that cleaning and making your home a sanctuary. Normally I am a cleaning fanatic but I'm probably moving in a month and just don't have the energy while my husband's away. When I have my own home, I will be making sure it's spotless!