Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Victoria Magazine and Halloween Memories

Yesterday I got my first issue of Victoria magazine! I'm so happy to see it back in circulation. It was the first magazine I had a subscription for ~ a gift from Mama. I loved it so much that I decided on Victoria as Kayla's middle name!

The girls are counting down the days to Halloween. Kayla is going to be a witch and Kenzie chose to be a geisha girl. We already have their costumes. I remember the days when you didn't rush to the store to buy a costume but dressed up with things you already had.

I remember dressing up as a princess, Wonder Woman, a clown, a punk rocker, and a witch. I went trick-or-treating once or twice, but Mama usually gave us kids a Halloween party. We had food, games, candy, spooky music, and loads of fun. Mama made a stuffed man/scarecrow that sat in one of the outside chairs. She rigged him up to where when you opened the screen door his hand would lift up as if he were waving. We got a few double takes from people driving by with that one!

Mama also made up a story for Halloween and with all of us blindfolded we had to stick our hands in bowls of brains, eye balls, and other disgusting things. She used food items like grapes, cooked spaghetti, and the like. Gross, but so fun!

One year my grandmother dressed up as a gypsy with really dark rouge and red lipstick, etc. My younger sister, Laura, who was really little at the time told her she looked so pretty! Mama always made things magical and I cherish the childhood memories.

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Ann said...

I'm going to have to look up this magazine because I keep hearing about it on the internet from internet friends. So fun to hear of your halloween's of yesterday. I remember being Snow White one year in elementary school and getting lost on the play ground during the halloween parade because the mask was crooked. I never liked mask after that. Have a wonderful day. Dentist for me today. Ugh!