Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Just a Visit

My time is still limited, but I wanted to pop in and say hello. We still have our house guest so all of my regular routines and habits have flown out of the window. I like my privacy and being free to do my own thing, so it is hard for me to have someone else here.
The weather here has been simply beautiful! Over the weekend Alfred and I worked out in the yard. My arm muscles were so sore from using the weed-eater! I spent much of that day outside - even after my work was done and even got a slight sunburn.
Mama and I began walking last week and we are continuing on with that this week. We walk in the evenings right after the sun sets. I am thinking about calling my neighbor to see if she wants to walk with me in the mornings so I can get a double workout.
I've noticed two new to me birds this past week -- a blue-grey gnatcatcher and a yellow warbler. We also saw a black snake after we were done with the yard work Sunday afternoon. We also have what I believe to be black-eyed susans growing along our property line. I love being outside, noticing all of nature's beauty and details.
Now I'm off to visit a few of my favorite blogs. Hope you have a wonderful day!


Ann said...

I'm sure things will get back to normal soon. Enjoying the outside and doing your yard work is probably the best thing you could be doing at this time. I'm walking in the evenings too. Have a great week!

joan said...

I'm sure you will be back in your routine soon. Sounds like you are enjoying some outside time.