Friday, September 21, 2007

Pretty Things for Autumn

I found some wonderful decor items for Autumn at yesterday while I was out shopping, like this wonderful place mat and pilgrim couple.

Here I used a autumn dishtowel as a scarf on the kitchen table, added the scented candles in Golden Spiced Pear and Toasted Flan (thanks Joanne!) and the bird nests on the side.

This wonderful assortment of items is a birthday package from Joanne. She graciously sent me autumn leaves paper plates and napkins, leaf stickers, Indian Pudding mix, a Pine Mountain cross-stitch pillow kit, a 9ft. roll of ribbon, the candles seen in the picture above, and Fall, Family & Friends cookbook from Gooseberry Patch!!

I will use this wonderful basket to hold magazines and books in to keep the desk and coffee table clear.

Now, this is not an autumn item, but it was too pretty to pass up with its hand-painted flowers and dragonflies. I may use this in my bathroom with tea light candles.

My garden bench purchased on sale. Original price was $25, but I only paid $15 for it! Now we have a place to sit out in the yard.

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Ann said...

The hand painted vase/candle holder is really pretty. It will be nice with a candle in it. What smell do you like? I like Vanilla the best. I think I'm going to put out my autumn decorations tomorrow.