Friday, September 21, 2007

Nature Views

Dark skies
Our dog, Gracie
A bumblebee gathering nectar from wildflowers growing in the yard.
Purple wildflowers
Red wildflowers

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terri said...

Hi Tracy,
Thought you might enjoy knowing the name of your wildflowers. I think the top one, the almost blue purple flower is Spiderwort. It is if it's a three petalled flower, blooms mostly in morning or shady hours and bees tend to stay close by. They also have long spiky leaves that grow up from the base of the plant.

The next photo appears to be wild morning glory, heartshaped leaves identify that one. They would be more open in early morning hours.

And last but not least is the Cypress vine, that little red flower also is a great attracter of bees and of hummingbirds too. I have cypress vine here, having found a bit in a friend's yard and brought it home. It's twining prettily over my dormant rose bush and over the railing on the deck. Prettiest display I ever saw was a woman planted it along side her open carport. She tied strings horizontally from the roog, tagged them to the ground and the cypress vine grew up creating a feathery lovely screen.

Have a good Sabbath day and congrats on that new niece!