Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Making Home a Haven with Domestic Pursuits - part 1

I believe any home can be made into a haven with a little work and lots of tender-loving care. Home should be a place we love to be, where our families can find refreshment and shelter from the outside world.
Be it ever so humble there's no place like home!
~ John Howard Payne
We can make our homes havens on a budget with a little thought and creativity. The first step is creating order and maintaining a level of cleanliness. I like to do a big declutter every few months - usually spring and fall. Problem areas get more attention as needed (like my desk!).
You can find baskets and containers for organizing at thrift shops or dollar stores very inexpensively. If you find a basket that has a great shape, but is not very attractive you can spray paint it to match your decor.
You want your home to smell clean and fresh. Regular cleaning will surely help. I love the smell of Pine-sol after mopping and cleaning the bathrooms. You can also open the windows to let the fresh air circulate throughout your home. Scented candles are also nice and add a romantic touch and you can find inexpensive ones at the dollar stores. If nothing else, you can bake delicious goodies for your family and let the aroma of homemade bread or cookies fill your home with a scrumptious scent.
Other things you can do:
~ Envision how you want your home to be
~ Make your own homemade cleaners
~ Create a homemaking routine
~ Read inspirational books, articles, websites, blogs on homemaking

More to come....


Lady Laurie said...

There is lots one can do to make a home "homey" without spending money. I really do believe the mom sets the tone for the home. I know if I am grumpy it tends to rub off on everybody else. I think a good attitude goes a long way.
Thanks for the links!

Ann said...

what nice ideas! I'm sure your home is lovely and full of love.