Friday, September 28, 2007

The County Fair

The county fair is in town this week. Last night we took the kids who have been looking forward to this for months. I was asked all day long by Kenzie, "How much longer?" I was amazed at the rides the girls wanted to get on. Kayla especially rode a couple of the big (scary!) rides. She is a dare devil, like her dad!
The fair holds a lot of memories for Alfred and I, too. About four months before we started dating, we had ran into each other at the fair and ended up spending the afternoon together going on the rides and talking. I still get butterflies when I think back to that time!
One year we had a t-shirt made with our picture on it. I still have the shirt though it is now lovingly tucked away in a drawer. Last night we had our picture taken and framed. It is now sitting on my desk. I am so thankful we persevered during the tough times and stand united together stronger than ever.


Ann said...

That's a sweet picture of the two of you. Have a blessed weekend. Paul's off today so we are taking a ride together somewhere to do something.

miss*R said...

what a lovely thing - a t-shirt with a photo of you both! I am amazed at the rides that my grandsons go on! I am not fond of the rollercoasters at all

joan said...

Sounds like a wonderful time and fond memories.