Monday, September 24, 2007

Busy Day

Over the weekend, we enjoyed watching a bunny nibbling on grasses in the yard. The girls got to play in the rain and saw a beautiful rainbow. We saw tons of birds at the feeder. One was a new one. He was a brilliant shade of red, tiny and sleek. I want to say it is a red finch, but I can't find a picture of any information in my Audubon field guide or on the Internet. The bird seed is supposed to attract both red and yellow finches, along with cardinals and other birds.
Other than laundry, not much was done over the weekend in the way of homemaking. I already have my to do list written out, so I can jump straight into my homemaking - checking things off as I go. It shouldn't take me too long to work through the list if I stay focused on my tasks.
The weather here has been rainy for several days. I'm hoping the rain clears so Mama and I can start walking in the evenings. We both want to get into better shape and it's more fun if you have someone to walk with you.
Well my to-do list is calling my name so I will close for now and get started on my work for today. Hope you have a wonderful day!

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