Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Around My Home

Nature Sightings:
~ Over a dozen doves in the yard, three of which were seen drinking from the bird bath
~ Red-winged blackbirds squabbling over food at the bird feeder
~ A wood pecker
~ A male cardinal
~ A wild charcoal cat that lives in the woods along the edge of our property
~ Little Bear - the sweetest cartoon ever! :)
~ Laundry
~ Clean master bathroom
~ Change cat litter
~ Vacuum both bathrooms, the hallway, and kids' bedrooms
~ Take Kendall to work
~ Drop off Goodwill donations
~ Check mail at the post office
~ Vacuum out car
~ Pick up a book at the library
Outdoor Work:
~ Refill bird feeder
~ Fresh water in birdbath
~ Sweep the front steps

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