Thursday, August 23, 2007

We got our second electricity bill since moving and I about fell over from shock. The bill was for $285! I printed off a checklist of things we could do to reduce our electricity and we are going to start working on those things right away. We are forever telling the kids to turn off lights, radios, and the tv when they are not using them. Alfred said after 3 warnings they will lose the lightbulb, radio, or tv for a period of time.

We have to go grocery shopping today and buy a gift for my nephew's birthday party this weekend. I don't have my grocery list made out, so I'll just get the basics today and do a bigger grocery run in a day or so.

Alfred is back to work today. He had to go to the county courthouse for jury duty on Monday and Wednesday. They have trouble getting people to be jurors and now we know why. They pay a ridiculously low figure of 5 cents per mile and $10 per day. Yes, I said per day! Who can afford to miss work for that? So Alfred will make a grand $25.00 for his 2 days and he makes close to that per hour at his job. Crazy!

The kids are up and ready for breakfast, so I will close for now. Hope you have a great day!

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Lady Laurie said...

Our bill has been running high ~ even in this rv, it has just been too dang hot!!
Hope you have a pleasant Thursday.