Saturday, August 04, 2007

A Quiet Morning

All is quiet this morning. The kids are still asleep and even our pets are still at this moment. Mornings are my time to gather my thoughts and make plans for the day ahead. And today looks to be a busy one.
I have promised to help Kayla bake. We have a few bananas that need to be used up before they go bad, so I'll let her bake a loaf of banana bread. Then there is cleaning and tidying that must be done before we go do laundry at my sister's. And finally, we'll get to visit with Mama once she gets into town.
Yesterday we went to the park with my sister and nephew. It was really too hot to play outside for very long. We stayed about an hour. Here the girls are enjoying the breeze generated from the swings. :)
This is my nephew, Trevor. He'll be 4 later this month. He looks very serious in this picture, but he was waiting for his mama to get his shoe that fell off and was lying on the ground.

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