Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Projects and Plans for Today

I got the girls' room decluttered and cleaned. It looks so much better! Today I'll help them sort through their clothes so I can see what they can still wear and what they need. The rest will either be trashed or dropped off at Goodwill.
I also need to straighten up my pantry and make this week's menu and shopping lists. The kids want to go to the park this afternoon and I can drop off our library books on our way. Hopefully the weather is nice and the rain holds off.
I should be able to finish the butterfly cross-stitch today. I just have a tiny bit left to do, then I'll pick another project to work on. I have several projects that need to be completed or started. I want to work my way through them and get those things cleared out.
I've seen on a few blogs the crocheted dish cloths. Does anyone know what kind of yarn is used? I need to get my Mama to show me how to crochet again. I would like to make a few afghans, but I have trouble with the edges. I am doing something wrong and need to be shown how to do it correctly...reading directions confuses me. Ha!
The kids will soon be coming down the hall in search of breakfast, so I will close for now. Hope you have a wonderful day!


Rhonda in OK said...

Hi Tracy,
my mom crochets lots of dish cloths and she uses a cotton yarn called Sugar and Cream. Hobby Lobby and Walmart both sell it.
I guess most any kind of cotton yarn will work though. The acrylic yarns won't be absorbent or hold spills that you wipe up.

joan said...

I don't think I've left you a message before telling you how nice your blog is. I've been visting it from time to time and have enjoyed my visits.