Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Nature's Beauty, Cross-stitch, and Homemaking

Yesterday the girls and I were thrilled to see a squirrel with a baby on her back. That is another first for us. We spent a bit of time watching the birds and a squirrel eat from the bird feeder. There were a lot of red-winged blackbirds.
I also took the the dog out one last time before bed and lingered a while, looking up at the beautiful moon which was all aglow. The clouds surrounding it were illuminated and all was quiet. It was so peaceful. So beautiful!
This morning Alfred woke the girls and I up so we could try to catch a glimpse of the lunar eclipse. Kendall opted to stay in bed. It was too cloudy for us to see anything, but we did watch the sunrise. We made a quick run to the grocery store at 6am and on our way home the girls spotted a rainbow!
I finished my Halloween cross-stitch and began working on a butterfly one. I got all the outlining done and began filling it in. I should be done with it by tomorrow at the latest. I'll post pictures soon.
Today I plan to: vacuum the living room, do laundry, work on cross-stitch, drop off library books, organize pantry, clean bedrooms, bake cookies, and do a bit of decluttering. I am making a simple dinner of chili topped with cheese and a dab of sour cream, served with crackers.
I leave you today with a quote. May you be blessed in all you do as a wife, mother, and homemaker.
What is home?
“A roof to keep out the rain? Four walls to keep out the wind? Floors to keep out the cold? Yes, but home is more than that. It is the laugh of a baby, the song of a mother, the strength of a father, warmth of loving hearts, lights from happy eyes, kindness, loyalty, comradeship. Home is first school and first church for young ones, where they learn what is right, what is good, and what is kind, where they go for comfort when they are hurt or sick; where joy is shared and sorrow eased; where fathers and mothers are respected and loved, where children are wanted; where the simplest food is good enough for kings because it is earned; where money is not as important as loving-kindness; where even the tea kettle sings from happiness. That is home. God bless it!”
~ Anonymous

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Lady Laurie said...

I love looking at a full moon!
I am making chili for dinner as well, a family favorite.
I hope you will post a picture of your Halloween cross~stitch.