Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday Tid-bits

Over the weekend I started on a little 3" x 4" cross-stitch project for Halloween. It's a back cat with a pumpkin and a harvest moon. I hope to finish it up today. I will hang it on my seasonal tree when I set out my fall decorations.
Last week I found an inspiring post by Little Jenny Wren on how she organizes her week on Monday mornings. I bought a beautiful spiral-bound journal with a seaside picture to create my own "Home Notes" journal.
The sky is gray here this morning. I don't mind it very much as it helps keep the temperature down. My hydrangea shrub is looking wonderfully perky. I am hoping that it blooms next summer. I don't know much about them or gardening, so I'll need to read up on it. I still need to plant my dwarf fountain grass (it's bloomed, too!) and get a plant hanger for my spider plant.
I hear the kids' alarm clocks going off. I need to make breakfast and then run a few errands before we settle in to do school and my homemaking. Have a wonderful day!


Ann said...

I love reading how your day goes! thanks for the birthday wishes. She does look like me espeically in photos of me when I'm young! I always tell people I cloned myself!

Heidi said...

Hi Tracy! I have been really struck by your talking about trying to organize yourself and home in the last few posts. I wondered did you read the book I sent you ~ Shelter for the Spirit? It may be helpful for you with this.

I have discovered that being organized is very much a state of mind. I have times when I feel overwhelmed and frustrated. The click is finally there that my home reflects that and not the other way around. We think if we see a stack of junk needing to be put away or thrown out that it is because the house is a mess. More often than not, it is because I am not at peace in my spirit. When I find rest and not allow myself to feel that frustration, I suddenly notice things are falling into place around the house too.

Hope this helps a little?