Friday, August 24, 2007

Finding Balance

I have the hardest time finding balance as I juggle all of the responsibilities that come with being a homemaker and homeschooling mother to three. I have this ideal in my head, but my reality looks far different. Often my interests take a back seat to keeping everything running somewhat smoothly for my family as a whole.

I need a plan of attack to bring balance into our lives, particularly mine. I can do that by:

1. Simplifying our home - Decluttering our possessions so we have less to clean and maintain.

2. Create a homemaking routine - I have always rebelled at the mere thought of a routine, but a routine would be beneficial in keeping things orderly. Plus, our home would be easier to maintain once the clutter is gone.

3. Schedule in exercise - Good health is important to me, so I need to stop procrastinating and just do it!

4. Quiet Time - Since we homeschool, there is very little quiet - but I need to carve out time to make this a priority. Right after Alfred leaves for work and before the kids wake up would be the best time.

5. Homeschool - I have a basic outline which is flexible for us to follow through the week. I like to get our table time done early in the morning, leaving the rest of the day free for my children to pursue their own interests and hobbies or fun outings.

6. Personal Hobbies - My goal is to get all of my "work" done in the mornings, so my afternoons are free for my hobbies and things I want to do, but have trouble making time for.

There is no place on earth that I'd rather be than here at home with my family. Where else can you get such flexibilty and diversity in your day? I will be working to make these things routine and to bring more peace, beauty, and joy in my daily life.

I'd love to hear about your own homemaking routines or resources you turn to to find homemaking inspiration. Leave a comment or email me!

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Lady Laurie said...

I have always had trouble organizing my day. Sometimes I feel like I am spinning my wheels. For me, I have discovered that making a list for the day of what I would like to accomplish has really helped keep me on track. Now, I am still not very organized, I tried Flylady for about a week and couldn't stand all the little reminders, I spent more time deleting the messages than anything else!!

Hope you find what works for you ~ Happy Friday!