Saturday, August 18, 2007

Chit Chat

We watched the highly anticipated High School Musical 2 last night and it was great! I had made supreme nachoes for dinner and then Alfred called saying his car broke down, so I had to go pick him up. We pulled into the driveway at exactly 7pm which was the start of the movie! I made movie theatre buttery popcorn for the kids to munch on. It was fun!
This afternoon Alfred is taking me out and I'm looking forward to it. It's not often that we go out alone and we usually aren't gone for long. Today we'll be traveling an hour away to go to the casino. We have family just minutes away and I'll leave my cell phone here so the kids can reach us if needed.
The other day at Walmart, I bought a beautiful pink curtain to hide my laundry room from view. It looks pretty, but the only problem I have is that it's on a tension rod and the cats jump up and try to hang from the curtain so it falls! So I'll have to install a decorative rod and rehang the curtain from it.
I am still decluttering. I started helping the girls declutter and reorganize their room yesterday. I need to go through all their clothes to see what they can wear and bag up those they can't wear so we donate them to Goodwill. Once we get it cleared out I want to paint and install beadboard on the lower half of the wall, make new curtains and a quilt, and buy a new sheet set. One of the many projects on my list!
The heatwave is slowly diminishing. The air was noticeably cooler this morning and it wasn't as humid as it usually is. Of course, we are watching the weather reports to see where Hurricane Dean is headed. Dean is already a category 4 in strength and will likely reach category 5. It used to be rare if hurricanes reached category 3 (with the exception of Camille), but now they hit category 5 easily. Scary stuff....
Anyway, I need to get the house tidied up before we leave this afternoon. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


FrenchGardenHouse said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I have entered your name in the drawing.

I hope you are having so much fun on your date!:)

terri said...

Finally had a chance to catch up with your blog this evening. I have the same tension rod hanging in my laundry doorway and it too was continually falling. Leave it to a man to come up with a great and thrifty solution...Jon took two salad dressing bottle caps (I think ours were from a Kraft French dressing bottle) and using a drill screwed them into the spot where we wanted the rod to hang. Then the tension rod fit right into the doorway and it takes some doing to pull it down! Hope you can utilize this idea too.

Tracy said...

What a fabulous idea! I was trying to think of an inexpensive way to fix the problem. Thanks! :)