Wednesday, August 08, 2007


It sure has been hot here this week. We're having a heat wave and temperatures are in the upper 90s. With the heat index, it's well over 100 degrees! It makes me long for the cooler autumn weather. We haven't spent very much time out of doors. Alfred did manage to mow the grass last night and I only go out to water my plants, change the water in the birdbath, and take the dog out.

We were out of cereal this morning and the girls didn't want regular toast, so I let Kayla make cinnamon toast in the oven. She has been wanting to learn how to cook and bake and this is fairly simple. They said it was delicious. :)

We've got a stack of books and movies from the library to keep us entertained. A trip to the beach may be in order later this week or early next week. The girls have been playing "fashion show" this morning. Mama brought them 2 boxes of the cutest clothes that she's been picking up at the thrift stores for next to nothing.

As for me, I've started making my shopping list for tomorrow is our day to buy groceries and run errands. The pantry and freezer need to be restocked. It's looking quite bare - but we have enough to carry us through until tomorrow.

Well, I better run and get some things done here on the homefront. Hope you are staying cool wherever you are!


IsabellaCloset said...

Tracy, I was just was saying to my daughter yesterday how I wish Fall would get here! It's so hot here in Ohio too & VERY humid. I truly do not ever remember it being so bad.
Could I please have your birthday for my blog, it you do not mind? Thanks!
Have a lovely day ~Mary~ :-}

Lori said...

Tracy, How well I know the feling of HEAT! 102 and on and on for over 2 weeks! give me a crisp fall day! Lori