Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Pictures from Kenzie's BIrthday Party

The birthday decorations
Kenzie, the birthday girl, is now 7 years old!
Yummi-Land Soda Creme doll
Disney Fairies set
Hannah Montana 2 CD
Kenzie also received a Bratz moonchair, Bratz beaded door curtain, a Duran Duran CD, a Jade Bratz doll, and $10 in cash. She chose a hot fudge cake instead of the traditional birthday cake. It was very rich, but delicious. Afterwards, the younger kids played with the balloons and sang and danced along with the new CDs. It was a great birthday party!

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Lady Laurie said...

Oh Kenzie, I hope you had a wonderful birthday!!! I love your presents ~ especially the fairy ~ and your cake sounded so yummy!!