Monday, July 02, 2007

A New Week

Last night we went to a fireworks show in the small town my husband grew up in. They also had Rebecca St. James in concert! We caught the last 4-5 songs and it was awesome. I love seeing musicians perform live!
This morning, Kenzie is throwing up, but isn't running any fever. I don't know if she ate something that didn't agree with her or what. She didn't eat anything different than us. I hope she feels better soon.
We have the strangest animals. One of our cats, Zoe, loves to steal Barbie shoes and hide them in our shoes. She and Clover both like to stick their front legs in the chair cushions, as if they are searching for something. Kitty used to steal pens, but hasn't done that in a while. Lately she puts her cat toys up in my bed. She also likes to play hide and seek. Gracie, our dog, tries to keep all the cats in line and loves trying new foods. Her latest favorites are bananas, cherries and peppermint candy, though she did not care for watermelon at all. I wonder if we make our pets weird or they are just like that?
My plans for today are to clean house, bake something for dessert, read to Kenzie, take a nap, go walking with my neighbor, continue reading The Shell Seekers, and perhaps draw or write.
Hope you have a lovely day!

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Lori said...

bravo you gave me my first and only laugh of the day!!! And it's iipm! Those silly kitties...Barbie shoes, how funny! Thanks I needed that!!! Hope baby is ok! Love, Lori