Sunday, July 01, 2007

Fishing by Moonlight

Last night we did something we never do. We went fishing at night! I was not too keen on the idea...I rarely venture out after dark anymore. But away we went under the light of the blue moon.
This is Kenzie striking a pose for the camera while waiting for a bite.
See the heron in the background? He was funny to watch! He moved so slowly and took careful looked like he was sneaking around.
This is Kendall with his green hair. He likes experimenting with new hair colors (it washes out!) and it is funny to watch people's reactions.
Here is Alfred & me - with no absolutely no makeup and looking a bit frumpy. In the end, we caught nothing. We left the house at 9pm and didn't get home until 3am - but we had an enjoyable time listening to the water, gazing at the moon, and seeing a variety of sea life (jellyfish, fish, dolphins, herons, crabs). And I came to the realization that a little spontaneity now and then is a good thing!


Ann said...

I was watching the moon last night too here in Maryland and there you were in Alabama watching it too. It is a small world. Glad you had a good time. That is late to be out. We were all sound asleep by then. :-)

Lady Laurie said...

I love looking at the moon, that must have been a fun time, especially being out that late ~ or is that early morning?!