Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dancing Trees, Hair, and a Giveaway

This picture was taken over the weekend from the sliding glass door in my kitchen looking out upon the back yard. I love watching the trees sway in the breeze. It's as if they are dancing ever so gracefully.
Today I was experimenting with my hair - trying to come up with a new *style* as I try to grow it out. I curled the bangs and tucked the sides back behind my ears. Then, flipped it out on the ends in the back. The picture is awfully dark. It looks okay, but I'm still not very happy with it. I see more experimenting in the days ahead.
While I was curling my hair, the girls tried to inform me on how to use a curling iron. Has it been that long since I've primped and preened? I suppose it has. The dear girls have never seen their mother with a curling iron in hand!
I generally prefer the wash and go hairstyles and I really love, love, LOVE the shorter hairstyles! I am half tempted to cut it all off because it's so much easier to manage than my extremely thick and heavy hair. I have until Monday morning to decide what it is I shall do with my locks.
How about a giveaway for all of you fashionistas? Send me pictures of hairstyles you think would complement my face shape and I will randomly draw a winner on Monday to receive a little treasure.
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Ann said...

What fun! I went back and looked through your blog at some of your past photos and I think I like you with short, blond hair the best. Here are a 2 cuts that I thought you might like. You'll probably have to copy and paste them to see the sites: - I like this cut.

Here is actress Natalie Portman:

I think her cut would be pretty on you in whatever color you decide to go!

I need to do something with my hair too. Right now it is long and straight (It's always been long and straight! sigh!) Oh for curls. but I had 2 perms and hated them. So I guess God knew what He was doing when he gave me straight hair. My 30th high school reunion is next month. I color my hair now so that's not a problem but what style? I'll have to have a think on it too.

Good luck! I can't wait to see what you do!

Stephanie Davies said...

LOL I just randomly ended up here, as I just went to and was clicking a random blog to see what a "mommy blog" was defined as, and came here...just scrolling down to glance through and wanted to say that:

In a totally heterosexual way, I think you are extremely gorgeous! You are very pretty...I think any hair would look good on you lol

miss*R said...

Hi Tracy! my youngest daughter is going to be a hairdresser.. she starts her training next year.. I will get her to have a look..she is marvellous with things like that. My hair is straight and thin.... not much I can do with it, except twist it up onto my head and clip it with a clip.
by the way - you are a gorgeous looking girl xoxo

Lady Laurie said...

I have been growing my hair for awhile now, I got tired of having to go get it trimmed all the time to keep it looking good ~ my hair grows pretty fast.
Anyway, I think you would look pretty with it longer or short!

Southern Heart said...

This is my first visit to your beautiful blog--I've enjoyed it, and plan on visiting again soon. I especially love your pretty blog header.

I agree that you could easily wear either short or long hair with your pretty face!