Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thursday Happenings

Yesterday was the final day to visit with Mama before she went back to Iowa. She bought me an Endless Summer Hydrangea bush to plant in my yard. I had recently seen a couple of blue Hydrangea bushes & fell in love with them, so I was thrilled with this gift! I need to buy aluminum sulfate to use when we plant it so it will turn the pink bloms it now has into the blue blooms that I want.

My muscles are sore from working out in the yard. I haven't been spending loads of time working - only 30 minutes each day, but it's obviously a greater workout than I thought! I usually go out in the morning to work while it's cool, but today is our day to run errands and shop for groceries. I will probably work out there this evening after it cools off a bit.

I got stuck by a couple of palmetto plants that were growing along the driveway. My, do those things hurt! I dug them up yesterday so the kids and the dog don't end up running into them. I am seeing improvement little by little and, surprisingly, I actually enjoy the work.

I plan to create a Home & Garden Journal to keep all my notes, ideas, and plans in. What a fun project that will be! I already have one for Christmas, one to track our finances and debt-reduction, and another that holds pictures of my favorite decorating pictures from magazines.

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