Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Surprise Visitor and Gift Goodies

Guess who visited our yard this morning? A turtle from the pond and box turtle family called a Common Cooter!
He was be-bopping along heading toward the road so I went out with my rake to try to steer him back to the creek. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, he tucked his head into his shell & began to ram the rake! I'm out there screaming & praying the neighbors aren't peeking out of their windows (I'm sure I looked like a big dork!).
I decided to leave him alone after taking a couple pics of him...he was hiding beneath one of our cedar trees. He disappeared a short time later....hopefully he went back to the creek!
This is a Betty Boop doll my Mama brought for me. I think she's so "groovy":)
This a cute purse Mama found at a thrift store for me. Love it!
Cute crafting sign from Mama. She's hanging in my kitchen - since that's where I do most of my crafting at.
Mama also gave me a Southern Living cookbook and this scrumptious picture is inside.

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