Thursday, June 14, 2007

Shopping, Cleaning, and the Dungeon

Today has been a busy one! The girls and I had errands to run and grocery shopping to do, then we stopped to pick Kendall up from a friend's house where he stayed over last night. I tried to take a nap, but Alfred called.

I got up a little reluctantly and continued working on putting things in order in the master bedroom and bathroom. It is done for the most part, but we still need to go through the closet - otherwise known as the "dungeon"!

I say "we" because most of the stuff in the closet is Alfred's Army gear and I have no idea what goes with what, so he needs to help slay the unorganized mess in there! Hopefully, we'll be able to get to it this weekend....along with the yard work that desperately needs to be done.

Kayla had a little money to spend, so we browsed the toy aisles at Walmart. But she decided she wanted to buy something cute to wear. She wanted an outfit from the Mary-Kate & Ashley clothing line, but it's so expensive! Besides, she didn't have enough money....only $10. I suggested she look at the less expensive clothes to see if she found something she liked. She ended up choosing a flowy pink skirt with eyelet lace ruffles and a white tank egded in lace. Really cute & feminine!

Kenzie had $1 from the tooth fairy and it was burning a hole in her pocket, let me tell you! I figured she'd buy candy, but she chose some fake fingernails that are sort of like small rings that fit over the top of your fingers with fake nail clippers, polish, lipstick, and a tissue box.

Alfred will soon be home so I better close for now and get dinner started. We're having spaghetti with a salad and buttered bread - simple yet tasty!


Lori said...

Oh, little girls.....gosh I miss the frill and frenzy of them! My daughter is going to be 29 in December and she has guven me 2 little grandsons! But how I long for dolls and teaparties!!! Lori

Rhonda in OK said...

My husband was a Marine and I remember all that gear he had. We lived in 3 different base houses at Camp Pendlton and all had either an extra closet or a really huge master closet, I assumed somebody was thinking about the military need for storage when they designed those homes.

Sure wish you had one too!