Friday, June 22, 2007

Nature and Baking

We had a lovely evening last night. When Alfred got home he installed the new porch light out front, then I went for a walk with my neighbor. We had a simple dinner (frozen pizza) because I never serve a big dinner on my shopping days. I read for a bit and then I took the girls outside so we could listen to the ducks and frogs as we watched the bats flying around the yard. Pretty cool stuff for city girls!
Alfred saw a rabbit hopping across the backyard this morning, along with our dog Gracie. She went nuts because she wanted to chase it. She has never seen a rabbit before. She is a city girl, too!

This morning I made a dozen homemade chocolate chip muffins for breakfast. I plan to make all of our breakfasts from scratch this week and will see how it goes. Cereal isn't filling enough and with Kendall going through another growth spurt and eating constantly, I figured it would be better on the budget for me to cook more from scratch.

Later today, I plan to bake peanut butter cookies. I haven't made those in quite a while, so it will a pleasant change and it should cure the "I'm-dying-for-something-sweet" song I heard last night from Alfred!

Other things on my agenda today are to: visit with Mama, tidy up the house, draw, read, possibly get a nap, and do a little work in the yard.

Until next time...


lila said...

Those muffins look yummmy!
I was going to tell you that we get another series from Netflix...Monarch of the Glen, filmed in Scotland and full of humor and actor who is in Miss Potter (Lloyd Owen) is in the last 3 years of the MOG series.

Deb said...

Chocolate chip muffins are a favorite around here, a nice change from cereal.
Have a great weekend.

Lori said...

I am in the need to bake too! I have been thinking all day about a homemade coconut pound cake! Think I'll go fine that recipe right now!!! Lori

smilnsigh said...

Oh my, I'd like to try some of those muffins please. :-)


smilnsigh said...

Now I wonder if my comment went through.... Well, if not, I will repeat... I'd like to try one of those muffins please. -smile-


Ann said...

The muffins looks delicious. Are you reading Shell Seekers? I've started it.

Mrs.E said...

How tasty they look :)