Monday, June 18, 2007

Home Improvements and Garden Dreams

It's a brand new week filled with possibilities! We had a quiet weekend at home working in the yard and resting. We never did get out to the hot air balloon festival. Maybe next year...

(This is the view of our yard from the front door.)
This morning I saw male and female woodpeckers in the yard. We've been hearing them, but haven't been able to spot them until today. I need to set my bird bath out and fill it with fresh water for my feathered friends.
Next weekend Alfred will work on the backyard. The neighbors have offered us the use of their tractor with a box blade so we can smooth & level the dirt out. We hope to be able to overseed it with grass seed soon and eventually build a nice deck.
(Remember me mentioning Kayla's flowy skirt? Here it is. Isn't it cute?)
I have a ton of projects that I want to do around here - both inside and out. I am thinking a small vegetable garden would be nice. How wonderful would it be to walk out and pick fresh veggies for a salad? Or perhaps plant a few fruit trees? Of course, flowers are a neccesity!
Until next time, Kitty says good-bye for now!

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smilnsigh said...

Yeaaa for nice neighbors who lend you their tractor, so Alfred can smooth/level off the dirt!

And the flowy skirt... soooooo cute! :-)