Thursday, June 21, 2007

The First Day of Summer

Summer has arrived. The morning is refreshingly cool, but I'm sure it will heat up this afternoon. Our high today is to reach 95 but with the humidity it always seems much hotter.
The girls and I are going on our weekly grocery shopping trip and run errands today. Kendall stayed over at my sisters' house last night to visit with everyone and play guitars with Chelsea. The girls each lost a tooth last night. Kenzie now has both of her top teeth missing!


This is my brother, Matthew - age 14

This is my youngest sister, Taylor (aka Tootie) - age 11


Wishing you a Happy Summer!

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Lady Laurie said...

Happy first day of summer Tracy! It started off rather nice and cool this morning, but yes it is supposed to get quite hot and humid later today.
I enjoyed seeing your family photos, I love the your sisters nickname Tootie ~ do you remember the Barbie doll had a little sister (or maybe cousin) named Tootie?
Like all your treasures your Mom brought you ~ I've always liked Betty Boop.