Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Blessing Our Husbands

I would like to write about blessings our husbands this morning and share what I do, as well as give a few ideas of things to do or try. Being a good wife, mother, and homemaker is hard work, but the benefits are outstanding!

I spent a little time out in the yard this morning cleaning up and pulling weeds. Alfred doesn't have very much time to do yard work as he really only has 2 free weekends each month. So I decided to get out there a little each day (weather permitting) and do what I can to improve our little homestead and be a blessing to him as well. Every little bit helps when there is a big job to do.

Unknowingly, I have started a new tradition of walking with Alfred out to his car to kiss him goodbye as he leaves for work in the mornings. Little things like this mean so much to men and makes them feel special.

Most days I pack his lunch and send a thermos of tea with him to work. His co-workers have asked for recipes and I occasionally send a batch of homemade goodies with my husband to share with them. Alfred loves home-cooking, so this is a blessing to him as well.

Another thing I do to bless my husband is to try to have all of my home duties done before he gets home from work - with the exception of the after-dinner clean up. This gives us more time to spend together. We've been apart all day and only have a few precious hours before it's time to turn in for the night. While he watches tv and recharges for the next day of work, I sit next to him and read, draw, or cross-stitch.

Other ways to bless our husbands are:

~ When he requests something (a phone call made, an errand, etc.), make it a priority.

~ Tell him how handsome, strong, or _____ he is. Husbands need to hear things like this from their wives - even if they act like they do not or don't believe you. Those are the ones who need it even more!

~ Make his favorite dessert or cook his favorite meal.

~ Accept him as he is now and take your concerns to the Lord in prayer.

~ Lighten up! He has to deal with seriousness all day long at work. He will be refreshed with your light-heartedness and a spirit of fun.

~ Get up with him early in the morning. Make his coffee and/or breakfast - if he eats in the morning. (I keep telling Alfred to wake me up, but he usually lets me sleep in!)

~ Be his #1 fan. Encourage him. Support him. Build him up with your words and actions!

~ Practice an attitude of gratitude! Share one thing you are thankful for each day with your husband, perhaps at bedtime? You could be creating a new tradition. :)

~ Pay attention to the things your husband says. Perhaps he wants a particular book or CD. Jot it down and surprise him from time to time. If nothing else, you'll have a list of birthday and Christmas ideas.

I pray this writing is a blessing to you. I sometimes find myself thinking more about ME and all that I need/want/hope to do, so these little reminders are for myself as much as they are for you. You reap what you sow. If you sow blessings, you will eventually reap blessings and have a happier husband to boot!


Ann said...

What a special person and wife you are. This was a lovely post. I've always made a point of getting up with Paul when was the only one getting up for work. I've found that other women think that is a funny thing to do and wouldn't dream of it. I always felt it was speical to see him off on his day. He used to work in a junvenile camp and it could be dangerous. We sometimes never know when it may be the last time we see our loved one. Now that we both work and I go out the door first he is always up to see me off. He works second shift and I come home for lunch. So that is a special time for us. And when he gets home at 11:30 pm I'm always here waiting for him. It is special to treat our husbands this way. I totally agree with that. Blessings to both of you.

Deb said...

A great post Tracy! Many things that I also try to do, but some that I definitely need to work on. Thanks for the encouragement!