Saturday, June 30, 2007

Alfred & I had a lovely dinner out last night. We tried a new Mexican restaurant in town and the food was excellant! I had a burrito melt and Alfred had a rib-eye steak, both were served with beans and rice. It was also karaoke night! I've always wanted to watch karaoke because it looks so fun. Anyway, the guy running the karaoke kept trying to get me and Alfred to sing! We didn't sing and we left before the karaoke really got cranked up, but we enjoyed our evening out.

It amazes me the way people respond when they hear how long we have been married. Most are shocked and act like they can't imagine being married to one person for 15 years. It's crazy! I guess that would be considered a long time in today's society. It is really sad.

It's the weekend, so we'll be spending time out in the yard cutting grass, cleaning up and I want to get my hydrangea bush planted. Progress is coming along nicely, slowly but surely. It will never really be finished - just like decorating a house. You are constantly adding to and taking away and rearranging things to suit you and make it pleasing to the eye.

I must be going now. We want to get an early start on the yard before the heat sets in and the rain comes. Hope you have have wondeful weekend!

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Mindy said...

Hi Tracy, Hope this finds you doing well! It is going to be a hot one today! I enjoyed reading your post....we have been married 24 years and have had our share of ups and downs, but God has brought us through everyone of them! Enjoy your weekend and stay cool!
BLessings always,