Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Collecting Satisfactions

Emma from Charming the Birds From the Trees asked us to make a list of people and things that bring us joy. Here is my list:
1. Time spent in prayer & Bible reading each day.
2. The peacefulness in the house after everyone is asleep.
3. Reading books.
4. Listening to music.
5. Singing.
6. Creating art.
7. Writing in my journal.
8. Spending time at the beach.
9. Chocolate!
10. Taking a nap.
11. Laughing out loud.
12. Time spent observing nature.
13. Victoria and Romantic Homes magazines.
14. Roses.
15. Scented candles - especially from Yankee Candle!
16. My silly pets.
17. Waking up each day next to my husband, Alfred.
18. Cool breeze on a warm day.
19. Refreshing drinks to quench my thirst.
20. Cozy throws to snuggle up in while I'm on the couch.
21. Homebaked goodies.
22. Going for walks.
23. Country drives.
24. Drawing.
25. Family photos.
26. Love letters.
27. Cute purses.
28. Comfy shoes!
29. Letters in the mail from friends.
30. My computer!
31. Books by Sarah Ban Breathnach.
32. Susan Branch calendars.
33. Happy memories from childhood.
34. Learning something new.
35. Gel pens.
36. Classic movies.
37. Cardinals - such a bright, pretty bird.
38. Christmas!
39. Reading classic children's books.
40. Learning along with my children.
41. Pretty stationary & stickers.
42. Going out for dinner.
43. Cherry Limeade drinks from Sonic.
44. Soft-serve ice cream.
45. Cook-outs.
46. Holding hands with Alfred.
47. Body massage!
48. Being able to put books & videos from the library on hold online.
49. Wind chimes.
50. The color PINK.
51. Vintage Barbie t-shirts...cute!
52. My digital camera.
53. Discovering new blogs that inspire me.
54. Counting my blessings.
55. Visiting with family & friends.
56. Sharpened pencils.
57. Dance Dance Revolution game on PS2.
58. Trying new recipes that are both tasty & turn out successfully.
59. Homemade bread with a little butter.
60. Watching my children run, laugh & play.
61. My teenage son still says he loves me even in front of his friends. :)
62. When my girls offer to brush my hair or give me a back massage.
63. Gazing balls in a garden.
64. Hurricane lamps.
65. Dancing around the house as I clean with the music blasting!
66. Watching my debt balances decrease a little each month.
67. Watching my savings grow little by little.
68. Finding cute name brand clothes at the thrift store for very little money!
69. Open windows during Spring & Fall.
70. Homemade cleaners.
71. Rearranging furniture to give the house a fresh look.
72. Cuckoo clocks.
73. Finding new genres of music that I like.
74. Hershey's Kisses Cherry Cordials - Yummy!
75. Cheddar cheese.
76. Seafood.
77. Vintage pictures.
78. Poet blouses.
79. Babydoll tunics.
80. Capri pants.
81. Watching the sun set.
82. Walks along the beach.
83. Hearing Alfred say I look pretty. :)
84. Good facial moisturizers.
85. A fresh pedicure.
86. Regular haircuts.
87. Board games like Yahtzee & Connect 4.
88. Seashells.
89. Nautical decor.
90. Angels & cherubs.
91. Fairies.
92. Cranberry glassware.
93. Floral fabrics.
94. Soft towels.
95. My Raggedy Ann & Little Bear dolls.
96. Watching our old home movies from childhood.
97. Heart-felt conversations with Alfred.
98. The little rocking chair my Grandmother gave me as a child.
99. Lace curtains, table runners, etc.
100. Being a part of the wonderful world of blogging!


"Early Bird" said...

I see we have many things in common!!
How long did it take you to compile this list...I'm thinking it would take me days!

anita said...

It sounds as if you appreciate so many things and makes me feel a bit selfish for not remembering the simple things in life that can bring us pleasure, peace, etc. I'm going to work on appreciating the little things in life! Thanks for a great reminder...and I love Cherry Limeade drinks at Sonic as well! Where we moved to from AZ, we don't have one close by anymore...I miss them! So think of me the next time you have one.