Monday, May 21, 2007

Chit Chat - Weight Loss

This morning, my husband and I took a brisk walk (about 1.25 miles) before he left for work. He has decided he wants to get into better shape. He's lost some weight and weighs close to what he did when we were first married (not that he was ever overweight to begin with).
I, on the other hand, have been struggling for the past few weeks to make exercise a daily habit. I lost close to 4 pounds, but then quickly gained it back! There is nothing like seeing a picture of yourself in a bikini to make you realize how out of shape you have become!
My weight is not too bad...I weigh 132.6 on my 5'5" frame. But gravity has taken effect and I have a little more fat on my tummy and hips than I'd like. So I am making a commitment to move my body daily alternating between cardio and strength training, watch my portions, drink more water, and make healthier food choices.
I used to be terribly underweight. I could never get over 110 pounds and at one point I dropped down to 98 pounds while under extreme stress. I don't want to go back there! But I have never been in shape. When Alfred and I married I was just young and thin. I want to be in good physical shape; firm with muscle definition!
This is my ultimate dream body!


smilnsigh said...

Nahhhh Hon. That can't really be your ultimate dream bod. :-) Betcha' you'll be great, with less muscle than she shows.


Tracy said...

Well to get that kind of muscle you would need to be very disciplened & eat a strict diet. I don't think I could do that! :)

Ann said...

good for you Tracy. It will be a nice time for you and Alfred to work on fitness together. I walk home from work everyday but I should do a little more. I need to loose about 30 pounds to get back to where I should be. Do me a favor? Visit my husbands site. He's feeling a little blue because he hasn't had many comments. One other thing I passed your blog and the sewing video you had posted to a few friends of mine and they loved it. How did you find it?

preparingmysalad said...

Wish you luck...I bet you'll get that body you want. But most of all, it's a great way to keep healthy.


Lady Laurie said...

Back in 2004 I noticed my clothes were not fitting the way I liked ~ I still wore a small size but my 42 year old body was not what it used to be. So, my hubby and I started walking and I think for a while we got carried away and were walking between 5 and 7 miles six days a week. We changed our eating habits and I drink lots of water. After the hurricane we cut back, but I think the stress of that and losing my Mom I ended up loosing too much weight. We now walk an average of 4 and 1/2 miles (takes us an hour ~ we walk fast) usually 5 days a week. What I really need to do is the strength training, but with my bad arm, lifting weights is difficult.
Wish you lots of luck, and no you don't want to look like that picture of the girl in the swimsuit ~ a little too much muscle! Besides, you always look very pretty in the pictures you post!