Monday, April 16, 2007

Spring Break

It is Spring Break here this week and I have made up a tentative list of activities we can do.
Monday: Library & Park
Tuesday: Nature Walk
Wednesday: Watch movies, read, art
Thursday: Grocery shopping, make our own ice cream cones
Friday: Beach
Yesterday we went to the Strawberry Festival & it was so cold! They had lots of fabulous arts & craft booths. I especially loved the scented crystals. I'm not sure whether they were used as a sort of potpourri or not, but they smelled heavenly.
We saw several doggies there. One was a huge black Newfoundland & she looked so sweet and gentle. Several people were pushing their dogs along in baby strollers & the dogs actually sat there without trying to get out. That was hilarious!
Today I plan to get the housework out of the way early so we can get out to the park and library. Laundry, vacuuming, dusting, clean bathrooms, mop kitchen & have the kids clean up their rooms.
I'm trying to read several books at the moment, so I'll probably take one along with us to the park. One of those being Mariel Hemingway's Healthy Living from the Inside Out:Every Woman's Guide to Real Beauty, Renewed Energy, and a Radiant Life. I also want to squeeze in some yoga too.
Wishing you a great day!


cata said...

Hello from Italy!
I love this picture is fantastic!
Did you read the Mariel's book?
Because it sounds interesting.
I like your blog!
Regards from Tuscany.

Tracy said...

Hi Cata, thanks for visiting!

I'm still in the process of reading Mariel's book. I'll post a review when I finish it. :)