Monday, March 05, 2007

What Homeschooling Looks Like in Our Home

I discovered a couple of really neat homeschool resources. If you have a reluctant writer, visit Brave Writer for lots of easy ideas to incorporate into your homeschool routine. If you have a beginner in reading, visit, an animated world of free reading, writing and learning fun for kids.
Right now we are keeping our homeschooling simple since we are preparing to move. We focus on the basics: Reading, Writing, and Math - but we are learning all the time.
We have an ongoing crystal experiment that we have been watching for well over a month now. We have board/computer games, lots of outdoor play in the afternoons, art supplies, a zillion books, puppets, dolls, and musical instruments.
We visit the library to get even more books! The kids are currently reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Black Beauty, and Peter Pan ( I read this aloud to Kenzie & anyone else who cares to listen). We watch the birds that visit our birdfeeder. We listen to classical music while doing our table time. I change my computer background to showcase a piece of art each week & we discuss it.
We pursue our interests....
~ learning to play guitar
~ cars
~ Barbies
~ animals
~ travel
~ art
~ science experiments
~ meteorology
~ gardening
~ baking
...and much more!
We have time to build relationships with those we love most. We work and play together. We talk and laugh together. We're building memories. Homeschooling for us is not "school" at home. It's a lifestyle of natural learning.


Summer M. said...

The link for Silly Books is great! Thanks for sharing it!

clarice said...

Take it from a long time HSer. It is better to instill a love of learning, then push learning. There will come a day soon were they will take charge of their education and it is wonderful thing to see. Wait till you see the blessings and fruit that is yet to come. Clarice

Scott Hughes said...

I agree with Clarice. In fact, that's why I prefer homeschooling, because public schools seem to destroy children's natural desire to question and learn.

Oh yeah, you might like the Education Forums with information about homeschooling and unschooling.

Searching For a Meaning said...

How delight to read of home schooling - undoubtedly more enthusiasm and with your creativity a joy - each day.

Fond memories of Tom Sawyer, Black Beauty and of course J M Barrie's Peter Pan.

If I bring my mug of coffee - can I join too????

Searching For a Meaning said...

Luv the picture too - the reluctance or the dream?

You capture through words and pictures each and every posting.

Always a delight to read your blog.

Blessings to you all.