Saturday, March 10, 2007

Saturday Plans & a Recipe

Our Saturday will be filled with activities. I just put a roast on to cook in the crockpot for tonight's dinner. It will be served on toasted onion buns. We're going for a drive to look at a few pieces of property. Then, this afternoon we are taking Kendall shopping for clothes. And finally, we'll be going to a classic car show at one of the local entertainment for the family. :)
Here is how I cook my roast. Put the roast into the crockpot. Add a packet of dry onion soup mix, a couple cans of cream of mushroom soup, and water. Cook on high for 3 hours, then turn it down to low for 3-4 hours. Easy and delicious!
Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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Searching For a Meaning said...

Classic cars - a delight to see.

I do hope you all will enjoy visiting the classic cars. We often have classic (vintage) cars on display during the summer - and always a joy to pop down and see.

Luv the picture of the "Westie's" too.

Enjoy your evening meal and the rest of the weekend.

I so luv your blog page.