Thursday, March 08, 2007

My Dinner Menu

Today is our big errand day where we shop for groceries. I thought I would share my dinner menu for the week.
Day 1: Taco Salad
Day 2: Roast on Hoagie Buns
Day 3: Four Layer Burger Mac Casserole, veggie
Day 4: Homemade Pizza, salad
Day 5: Chicken Casserole, veggie, bread
Day 6: Chicken Fingers, baked beans, mashed poatoes, corn
Day 7: Easy Mexican Casserole, veggie


Searching For a Meaning said...

I think I should have made sure that I had a tissue next to me -

My droooooooling at your menu!!!!

Gayla said...

This sounds absolutely yummy! I would love to have this same menu all week long. Thanks for sharing! Love your blog. I agree w/ you on Idol, too...