Monday, March 19, 2007

Good Morning!

I hope you all had a restful weekend. We had a mini-adventure yesterday. We went to Gator Alley which is a popular place nearby. It has a sidewalk trail with 2 wooden bridges that overlooks a river. We saw 3 alligators, turtles, and fish...and we enjoyed the 2 mile walk out in the fresh air.


Next we stopped at a farmer's market. I have always wanted to check the place out, as I have never been to a farmer's market but I am rarely in that area. So, stop we did. It is quite busy there and they have the largest strawberries I have ever seen! I found the prices to be quite reasonable, too!

They also have a bakery. Oh, the smell was heavenly! Kendall and I ordered chocolate ice cream cones. The girls ordered chocolate ice cream in a cup. And Alfred ordered strawberry shortcake.

Simply divine!

I am looking forward to see what adventures can be had today...


PortraitofPeter said...

Sundays are a wonderful opportunity to enjoy walks and fresh air - and your trip sounds really interesting and exciting too!!

Your mention of the Farmer's market and in particular the delights you all enjoyed - has seen my waistline increase further!!

We have a Farmer's market in our village and I am guided by the wonderful smells - I wonder if they have any strawberry shortcake??

Thanks for sharing your journal - always a joy to read.

Sharon Kay said...

I love the picture you posted. All of your pictures are beautiful. It sounds like you had a wonderful day and I am ready for a few days like you had. Come and visit when you have time and watch my slide show....Amelia Rose Cottage..........Have a good day my friend.