Tuesday, February 27, 2007

We're Moving!

Yes, friends, we are moving in less than ideal circumstances. It appears the owner of the mobile home park in which we live can make more money renting out his own mobile homes, therefore has given us a mere 3 months to move.
As stressful as it is, it may be a blessing in disguise. We have started searching for a piece of property to move to - as we don't want to be in another park. We have found a one-acre lot, which is not very big, but it's big enough to meet our needs, out in the country.
The area is rich in wildlife & is quiet, which is a plus. The only thing I don't like is being further away from town. I am used to being near the grocery store, park, and of course the library!
Say a little prayer for us, as we come to mind, that all the details & finances will be worked out. We'll need to move in May & I will likely be off-line for at least a week during that time. Until then, I'll be focusing on cleaning, decluttering, and packing!


Lady Laurie said...

I am sure things will work out ~ I agree moving is very stressful. But think how lovely it will be surrounded by wildlife and quiet! I'll say a prayer for you ~ hugs!!

clarice said...

Tracy, I will be praying. There a lot of wonderful things about living out of town. Mostly you have more time to focus on home. Clarice

Searching For a Meaning said...

The joys of moving!!! I kept saying never again - and yet I am still in "search of".

I sincerely hope that your move in May will be a joyous event for all the family.

You will all - be in my thoughts and prayers at that time - as someone once said "Always look on the bright side of life". Who was that now?

There are many advantages in living in the country - time for reflection, enjoying nature and having the isolation to create even more talented blogs.

Every good wishes